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Language Skills Web Links

Online Resources
  • is a comprehensive ESL Site that has forums, real-time chat, jobs, links, worksheets, flashcards, Flash listening and TOEIC modules, help lines, reading library, games, multilingual support, and much more!
  • is a free web-based research and application resource for students interested in studying abroad at an English language school.
  • Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe is a great place for getting started, with lots of things to do and places to explore.
  • English Daily offers many resources for learning English, including learning about slang and advertising.
  • English Forum offers general resources for students, including a message board, interactive exercises, and school guides.
  • ESL Gold offers hundreds of pages of resources on listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, TOEFL prep, and more, all categorized by skill level.
  • ELTWeb offers lots of free resources for learning and teaching English.
  • English Jet offers free resources for students and teachers of English.
  • English Study Direct offers comprehensive links to various resources for students learning English, including links to language activities, language testing, and useful web tools.
  • English Tide offers a Chinese interface for students learning English.
  • The ESL Study Hall, maintained by the George Washington University, offers an excellent set of resources for anyone involved in ESL, including annotations and background.
  • The ESP-EFL British Civilisation Home Page offers lots of resources for learning English and close to 2000 exercises.
  • Mark's ESL World offers a multitude of links for those interested in learning and teaching English, as well as a bulletin board, a voice chat room, a photo gallery, forums, and other helpful on-site ESL information.
  • Nellie's English Projects offers information about many aspects of writing and lists of links for ESL learners.
  • Ohio ESL: English Student Resources has many categories of resources for ESL students.
  • Karin's ESL Partyland offers help for both teachers and students.
  • offers a site written in simple English with advice about how to learn English successfully.
  • Tower of English has hundreds of fun websites where you can practice your English. Each website review has a suggested activity which can be done at home or in the classroom.
  • Using English has resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers.
  • Wordskills offers EFL help for teachers and students.
Grammar and Spelling
  • Test Den offers an idiom of the day via email.
Quizzes, Tests, Software and Interactive Sites
  •'s ESL Reading Resources site offers links to sites that help ESL readers at all levels.
  • Abroad Languages offers free language games you can play to learn English.
  • Better English offers free online exercises and quizzes as well as a mailing list for teachers and students.
  • Boggle's World has lots of resources, including crosswords, flashcards, and word searches.
  • The ENA ESL site offers various Flash-based games for practicing your English.
  • English Forums is a great place to learn and discuss the English language with help from professional teachers. Topics include Business English,
    letter writing, Medical English and student chit chat.
  • ESL Game offers games to help beginners (and children) learn the rules of English phonics and practice reading.
  • English Student has some free games, quizzes and puzzles that you can play online.
  • The ESP-EFL British Civilisation Home Page offers lots of resources for learning English and close to 2000 exercises.
  • Free English offers free English games and software for download.
  • Free English Games offers free games in English.
  • Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun has excellent online games, including Hangman and Wordsearch. Requires Flash plugin.
  • My Language Exchange is a community where language learners can find a native speaker partner to help each other improve foreign language skills. The site facilitates online language exchange learning via email (pen pals), text chat and voice chat by providing guidelines, and also offers fun games such as Online Hangman.
  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab offers free audio and video quizzes (including related software) for all levels of English learners.
  • Real English offers interactive video lessons for free download.
  • The English Learner Website has tests, games, jokes, and puzzles, plus a free weekly newsletter.
  • If your computer can handle it, check out the Cutting Edge CALL page with interactive quizzes using Shockwave and other advanced software.
  • WorldWide Writing is an on-line writing centre which allows students to edit and check their writing in Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French.
Conversations, E-mail Lists, MOOs, and MUDs
  • Brian's Brain is a fun biweekly newsletter for hardworking students of English around the world.
  • The Tower Tipsheet Newsletter sends out a new website and activity by email each week.
  • 5 Minute English offers a free daily newsletter to ESL students with grammar tips, vocabulary, study advice, short quizzes and more.
  • MOOESL is a MOO for ESL learners and teachers.

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Shams Bhatti (ESOL/EFL Teacher) Manchester, UK